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In the articles on Robert Banks, I found a lot of questions popping into my head about that time period and what was actually going on that he took these kind of pictures. The articles showed and told about the time period of the 1960s but I didn’t grasp the concept of the photos. I want to know what caused Robert Frank to take these photos and what made him take them in the way he did? I believe that this question will help me in my research because I was able to pull it out of the reading about him so easily. It will also guide me when doing my research about my topic because it will allow me to gain more information on him and the time period he lived in. I will learn all of the events that went on and what each photograph meant to him. What I have learned in this exercise is that if you actually read for information and look pass the obvious questions, something about the story will pop out at you and you will be able to research it easily. Also that being very specific in what you want to research is key when doing a paper on a person or time period.


I believe that Seranno’s work can be categorized as art because it’s what he thought of the actual feces he worked with. He didn’t just throw some of it together and say it was something to look at. He took his time finding the right ones to work with and made it into whatever he wanted it to look like. For example when he did the piece called “Romantic Shit,” you could actually see what he was going for in the picture. It didn’t look like just some feces he took a picture of, it looked like something other than what it was. Comparing his work to Michelangelo’s “David” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” would be sufficient because they both did their work of what they wanted to portray and not what people wanted to see. I believe that Seranno’s pieces can be considered as art even when compared to great works like these because he took a risk and put something together that turned out to be magnificent to him. Although it was a little gross at first the more you look at some of the pictures the more it began to open your mind and your actually able to see what he is trying to convey to you. As was the works of Michelangelo and Van Gogh, people didn’t understand their pieces either when they were first made but soon thereafter they began to look at them in a different light and began to understand what each of them were trying to say with each piece of “art” they made. Therefore, I believe Seranno is an artist in rare form, using what he thought of as his paint or clay and made great pieces of art. Once you get over that its actually shit he is using, then the door to creativity opens in your mind and you see what his mind was going for when he did his work.


In this reading, I learned of how not to deal with writer’s block. I learned that if I only accept that I can’t write anymore and give myself a chance to get a level head and clear mind; I will be able to surpass  it. I have tried to sit at my computer and write papers for my english class and it never works when I want it to. I would literally have to get up and go do something else that refreshes and relieves my mind in order to have fresh ideas pop from my head onto the paper. I then can come back to my paper with just my name on it and begin to write something that I would have never thought of writing in the first place. Once I look pass the starting sentence, I can move swiftly through my paper on whatever subject describing and being very detailed as I jump from event to event. I also learned that Lamott’s went against some of the old saying in writing when she taught her class about writing. She broke the rules about being conscious of what you are writing about so you wouldn’t write anything wrong. Also she told them to write out of vengeance in a nice way when everyone before her has told them not to. I love to write once I’m angry, it helps me get out all of my anger and frustration. It also helps me to express how I feel about a certain person or subject without restrictions of what I should and shouldn’t say. I have grown so much since I started in my current english class that i can write now about anything. Before now, I would have struggled about writing and making sure that I have very little mistakes and not expressing exactly how I feel about something; instead I would sugar coat it. Thanks Lamott and Professor Harmon.


I think in Lamott’s story she tells us how and why we should write. She describes the process in which every person should go through when writing. This reminded me of when i was trying to write my paper for english. I was so caught up on writing something really good and having little mistakes to correct that didn’t get started until hours later. I finally just started to write and let all of my thoughts out on paper without any regard to spelling or grammar. I completed six pages within an hour. I then went back and chose certain things from each page and put them into a web of chronological order. Lamott made me think of how perfect I wanted my paper to be and how I wanted it not to have any mistakes or unclear messages. Lamott decribes perfectionism as tidiness, meaning not leaving a lot to clean up. I admit that I have sat there over blank sheets of paper trying not to mess up anything before I even started writing. I never allowed myself to just write and mess up a page or two before going back and correcting my wrongs. Now that Im in an english class that lets me explore my writing and not one that makes me write about a given subject; I have become more creative and “mess-ready” when writing. Lamott is an interesting author and I believe that one day I could to be a writer of a tell all book about writing, while giving instructions on what to do and what not to do in writing. I love the way she explains the process of writing. Lamott states,”A friend of mine says that the first draft is the down draft, the second is the up draft and the third is the dental draft.” I believe this process works because it allows you to be sure of every thought in your paper. I will be trying this as soon as i get home.


I believe that in reading Lamott I found myself more interested in writing to paint pictures for my readers. I found myself also thinking of ways to describe things without giving pages of descriptions. I could use dialog to describe a character more vividly in one or two sentences than using a paragraph or two to do it. It seems like the more I read Lamott, the more i understand writing and what’s to be done. The way you are suppose to write to make the reader feel like they are in the story and not just reading it is a way of writing with feeling. Lamott states that, “The development of relationships creates plot.” I believe this because if I’m writing about a character and what he or she does on a day-to-day basis; then I will eventually set a plot. Therefore something has to happen to the character in the story to make it interesting and keep your reader enticed to read more. Ultimately, thats what plot is “what characters will up and do in spite of everything that tells them they shouldn’t.” states Lamott. This made me realize that while I struggle each time i write to think of a good plot and not to make mistakes i am hindering my story. I should only focus on each character and make mistakes with each one and eventually my plot will take life of its own. I have become a better writer since I got into this class and it seems to open up my mind and my hand can’t stop from flowing onto the page. From poems to just little paragraphs here and there, I write more and more everyday now. I owe it all to Anne Lamott and of course my wonderful professor Ken Harmon. Thank You.


I was just coming home from school and this lady freaked out when a piece of lint fell on her shoulder. A piece of lint people!! What is that all about? What kind of phobia is that? I mean I know that I afraid of bugs …well more like disturbed when one is near me; but lint something that isnt alive at all. I have seen it all now. Over and Out!!


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